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Chungking Express + Fallen Angels DTS (Korean Version)

Chungking Express and Fallen Angels are two of internationally-acclaimed director Wong Kar Wai's signature works, and now both films are available in Digitally Remastered DVD editions! Created from HD masters, these versions of Wong K

Utada Hikaru - ULTRA BLUE (Korean Version)

Battle Royale 1&2 DTS Special Boxset (Korean Version)

Battle Royale 1&2 offers the ultimate horror ride!

The Battle Royale presents one of the most shocking and controversial movie series in recent Japanese cinema focusing on a high school class chosen to be in a "Battle Royale", a fatal

Yui - From Me To You (Korean Version)

2006 Greatest Hits Of Korea Drama (Taiwan Version)

Tommy Heavenly 6 - Tommy Heavenly 6 (Korean Version)

Younha - Go! Younha (Korean Version)

Best Drama Hits - Korean Wave History

You might not remember the story, maybe even the name of the characters. Who loved whom, who died at the end, the reason why two lovers had to fight so long to achieve what they wanted. But the two things people usually remember about dramas are the stars

M-Flo - Beat Space Nine (Korean Version)

The Emmanuelle Collection Box Set (Korean Version)

Soul Of The Ultimate Nation OST (Korean Version)

Howard Shore, the composer who was crowned with several Oscars for the musical contribution he made to the highly acclaimed Lord of the Rings movie series returns with all-new melodies.

This time the honored film composer's sounds can be heard

The Da Vinci Code 2disc Extended Edition DTS (Korean Version)

Dan Brown's controversial bestselling novel The Da Vinci Code comes alive on screen. Helmed by Oscar-winning director Ron Howard, The Da Vinci Code is an intriguing and intelligent suspense thriller whose twists and turns take viewers from F

The Host (Limited Edition Gift Set)(Korea Version)

The biggest Korean film of the year comes to DVD! Released in July 2006, Bong Jun Ho's monster film The Host ripped through the box office like a force of nature. Breaking every record on the book, The Host became the first Korean film to s

Linda Linda Linda Special Edition (Korean Version)

With the school music festival just around the corner, three teenage girls decide to form a rock band in director Yamashita Nobuhiro's highly entertaining film, Linda, Linda, Linda! But things don't go quite as planned for the trio, thanks to the a

Korea Hot TV Drama Package (US version)

Get ready for a new wave of Korean stars! The Korea Hot TV Drama Package comes with two fresh romantic comedies starring 2006's young breakthrough actors. Palace, a.k.a. Princess Hours, charmed audiences with its innovative premise an



Agitated Screams of Maggots (First Press Limited Edition)(Japan Version)

With vocalist Kyu's trademark vocals, visual Japanese band spreads its latest musical message. The 5-member formation's 22nd single features the loud up-tempo song Agitated Screams of Maggots. Also featuring the live treats Spilled Milk and

Winter Love (SINGLE+DVD)(Japan Version)

Asian pop wonder BoA released her debut album ID;Peace B 6 years ago. She has since not only conquered the K-pop scene, but also successfully crossed over to the J-pop market, landing top releases like Listen To My Heart, Valenti, and

Pokemon Pearl DS (Japan Version)

Click here to enter the game's Official Site:

It just wouldn't be a Nintendo console without a Pokemon game! The lovable, colle

Pokemon Diamond DS (Japan Version)

Click here to enter the game's Official Site:

It just wouldn't be a Nintendo console without a Pokemon game! The lovable, colle

Gyakuten Saiban 2 (Bargain Edition) (Japan Version)

Hello! Project 2006 Summer - Wonderful Hearts Land (Japan Version)

As far as J-pop with multiple members is concerned, the girls from Morning Musume no doubt can be regarded as Japan's national treasure. During the Hello! Project 2006 Summer - Wonderful Hearts Land top attractions affiliated to the aforementioned

I wanna... (Japan Version)

Korea's disciple of soul, Se7en returns with another promising J-pop song. Titled I wanna... , Se7en's new release offers a joyful song packed with R&B and R&D (rhythm & dance) sounds. Music lovers ready for more of Se7en's R&B magic no doubt will

Miyaviuta - Dokuso (Japan Version)

Miyavi's new album is finally available! The highly anticipated follow-up to his second album, MYV Pops, Miyaviuta - Dokuso comes just before Miyavi's latest tour, scheduled to kick off in mid-September. The latest work from Duo le quartz's

Utada Hikaru Single Clip Collection Vol.4 (First Press Limited Edition)(Japan Version)

Ever since her debut in 1998, 23-year-old Utada Hikaru has pleased her fans with a lot of memorable songs. Now the J-pop princess releases her fourth MV compilation. Fans can look forward to the video clip COLORS directed by Donald Cameron. Also in

Taiyou no Uta (Japan Version)

Sawajiri Erika exposes her all-round talent. The productive female singer/actress is not only among the main characters (alongside Matsuda Nao and Yamashita Takayuki) of the TBS drama series Taiyou no Uta, a.k.a. A Song to the Sun, but has a

Rhythm Tengoku (Japan Version)

Gackt Greatest Filmography 1999-2006 -Blue- (Japan Version)

Gackt, a.k.a. Kamui Gakuto, started his music career as vocalist of the visual band Malice Mizer. After going solo in 1999, he released such popular albums as Mars, Moon and Mizerable. Now the music videos of his greatest hits have be

Gackt Greatest Filmography 1999-2006 -Red- (Japan Version)

Gackt, a.k.a. Kamui Gakuto, started his music career as vocalist of the visual band Malice Mizer. After going solo in 1999, he released such popular albums as Mars, Moon and Mizerable. Now the music videos of his greatest hits have be

Always - Sunset on Third Street (Normal Edition)(Japan Version - English Subtitles)

The film that took Japan by storm is now on DVD. From Takashi Yamazaki, the visionary director behind Juvenille and the sci-fi hit, Returner, comes Always - Sunset On Third Street. No film in 2005 had a higher profile in Japan than <

Kanji sonomama DS Rakuhiku Jiten (Japan Version)

Click here to enter the game's Official Site:

When it comes to franchises on the Nintendo DS, Kanji Sonomama: DS




It's Raining (CD+VCD) (China Version)

It's Raining again!

But only in your music box and with Rain's inimitable sound. This time the popular star from TV hits like Sang Doo! Let's Go to School and Full House has teamed-up with top composer/producer Park Jin You

Condor Hero 2006 TV Series Soundtrack (OST) (China Version)

Jasmine Women (English Subtitle) (DTS Version) (China Version)

Jasmine Women now comes with English subtitles!

Jasmine Women, a film whose release date was put off for 3 years until 2006, stars Zhang Ziyi in three different roles, which is quite a challenge to her. The film features a star-st

Red Sorghum (China Version)

Celebrated Mainland filmmaker Zhang Yimou brings his inimitable touch to Red Sorghum, a sumptuous drama set during 1930s China, just prior to the Japanese occupation. Jiu'er (Gong Li) is a young bride arranged to marry the leprous owner of a sorghu

China Strike Force

Be the first to see the newly released China Strike Force starring 'heavenly king' Aaron Kwok, the sexy Norika Fujiwara, hot new sensation Wong Leehom, and the always sweet Ruby Lin. Claiming the No.1 box office spot in Hong Kong during the New Yea

Curiosity Kills The Cat (China Version)

Director Zhang Yibai's second feature-length movie Curiosity Kills the Cat became a hot topic in Mainland China when it applied to the government's Film Administration Bureau for the Oscar bid, hoping to represent China in the Academy Awards in 200

China's History Of 5000 Years (Gold Classic Collection) (China Version)

Andy Lau 2004-2005 Vision Tour - China (2CD + Bonus VCD)

Andy's Vision Tour comes alive again.

Whether you have been fortunate enough to experience one of Andy's energetic performances or not, his double CD plus VCD release, Andy Lau Vision Tour 2004-2005, promises to keep music lovers long

The Banquet Movie Soundtrack (Deluxe Edition) (China Version)

Director Feng Xiaogang's The Banquet, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival on September 3, has attracted the most attention among the Chinese films at the festival, as it features the strongest cast with Zhang Ziyi, Zhou Xun, Ge You, and Dan

Jade Warrior (China Version)

An unprecedented collaboration between China and Finland, Jade Warrior enacts a Finnish legend in the most innovative way! Mixing Finnish ethnographic culture and Chinese martial arts, Jade Warrior features rising Chinese actress Zhang Jingc

Jolin J-Top Best Selection (CD + DVD) (China Version)

Only Nicholas (CD+VCD) (China Version)

Yuan Ming Yuan (China Version)

Yuan Ming Yuan, known as the "Garden of Gardens", used to be the most spectacular place in China during the late Qing dynasty in the 18th century. This gigantic garden, consisting of Chinese traditional architecture, Western Renaissance-styled palace, a f

Lily Come Face To Face With Chris DSD (China Version)

The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog Original TV Soundtrack (Prince Version) (China Version)

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