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Hosting Plan Comparision Web Hosting/Servers Check world-class professional web hosting plans
Web Hosting/Servers helps companies leverage the power of the Internet to grow their businesses today and tomorrow and over 4 million people have used our hosting services!
  • Powerful and affordable shared hosting starting as low as $7.95/mo
  • Site Building Services and all-in-one design packages from $19.95/mo
  • Hosting & Servers Hosting, the world’s #1 domain name registrar: $1.99 Domain Names
    Hosting HostPapa is a privately-owned company located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
    At HostPapa, we consider every one of our customers to be a part of our family. That's why our motto is "Let Papa take care of you". We understand that our customers' web sites are important and that they need to be able to count on us to ensure that their service is not interrupted. We have established a solid foundation to offer a hosting solution for small-to-medium sized businesses that is reliable, easy-to-use, and customer service-oriented, all for a low cost.At HostPapa, we value our customers and recognize their need for outstanding customer service. We are not satisfied until our customers are!

    Shopster will provide your customers with a fully customizable branded online store selling any of the products that they choose from the 700,000 products available in our Virtual Warehouse. All they have to do is build out their store using the powerful Shopster software and get selling. That's it.

    Your customers will be able to make as much as any other retailer on the internet. They choose the markup on their goods. They get the difference between the wholesale price and the retail price that they sell their products for. This is identical to the traditional retailer's business model. The difference is that they don't have the costs, headaches, or time commitments that traditional retailers do.

    - No Inventory Costs.
    - Shopster handles the customer service and keeps their customers happy.
    - Shopster handles product fulfillment.
    - Shopster handles any potential returns.
    - Your customers make a healthy percentage for every good sold, just like traditional retailers.
    - Your customers get repeat business and the lifetime value of a customer.

    For less than the cost of a tank of gas, your customers can have their own totally unique retail business. They can become a retailer for only $29.95 a month plus a one time starting fee of $99, or $329.95 for a years membership with no one time starting fee.

    For only $29.95 a month your customers will get the following:

    - World-class storefront solution.
    - Choice from over 700,000 wholesale products to add to their store.
    - Easy management of their store. (They'll be able to make changes and customize literally anything).
    - Use of any domain name for their store.
    - Full Hosting of their store.
    - Coupon creation functionality.
    - Automatic cross-sells.
    - Automatic bestsellers.
    - Optimization of their store for the search engines.
    - Logo creation software.
    - Unlimited categories, custom pages, and feature pages.
    - Complete order history of their customers. Plus their customer's contact details for cross-selling/up-selling.
    - Free Updates.
    - Complete search statistics of their store. (They'll be able to see what their customers are searching for).
    - Choice of up to 1000 products. (They can add more at any time for only $9.95 a month per 1000 additional products).
    - Customer Reviews on their products.
    - Full customer service on all of their customer's orders.
    - Product delivery on all their orders.
    - Dispute resolution included.
    - Payment System included.
    - Monthly payouts on their sales.
    - Secure checkout/SSL included.
    - Branded emails to send to their consumers included.
    - Fraud detection on all orders included.
    - Access to Shopster’s excellent community forums.
    - Free marketing guide and assistance.
    - $50 in free keyword marketing with Yahoo! Search.
    - Store hosted on best servers available in the world – fast, secure, 99.8% server uptime.

    The following extras are $9.95/month each:

    - Additional stores added to their account.
    - Additional 1000 products.
    - Live Help – Shopster will provide 'Live Help' to your customers.
    - Data Feed for shopping comparison sites.

    Web Hosting/Servers The world best $1 hosting service
    Web Hosting/Servers Membership package is incredible; Free Marketing, Free Content, Free Easy to use Web Builder + 10,000 Megs of Space, 250 gigs of traffic, 2500 Email accounts Domain registration $2 Web Hosting/Servers Yahoo! Sponsored Search prominently displays businesses in search results on premier sites like Yahoo!, MSN, AltaVista, and, where advertisers can reach over 90% of active Internet users. Local Sponsored Search allows advertisers with physical locations or service areas to target customers who prefer to research online but purchase locally.

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